The current state of science and technology – problems and solutions

Technical progress follows from scientific progress and vice versa. However, it is the discovery of the, for mankind still relevant, without risk, manageable universal and general applicable natural basic system, the atomic, that handling of nature and especially artificial material development in general decisively accelerated with many of the current world problems as a result.

Solution of these problems and further accelerating and generalizing development can and will follow on from the introduction of a ‘global and general applicable material system ‘in which material culture, especially if the system is inspired by, derived from and analogous to the natural based system or equivalent.

Thus, if it also consists of a minimum number of basic elements and rules regarding their combinations. The universal system derived from nature should be further abstracted and introduced into the artificial with the intention of maximum harmony, integration and compatibility between the natural and the artificial, to realize anticipatory and fundamental level.

Science and technology not only solve many problems in part but also create ever new ones. Progress and development accelerate indeed based on knowledge and science in general but progress, sustainability and accessibility for all is increasingly questioned. The dramatic reality increasingly confirms the validity of the doubt.

When is there sufficient knowledge and scientific understanding, especially in the longer term and on a larger scale? That question can only be answered by availability of more knowledge and scientific understanding. However, if that surplus of knowledge and understanding is sufficient, remains again doubtful and only assessable by more knowledge and insight. This of course is endless and there is a lot of time to acquire assurance.

However, it is easier to assume that any decision or solution and especially any implementation may also be wrong, in whole or in some of its aspects or components, especially in the longer term and on a larger scale. Then it suffice to have developed in anticipation these characteristics within stepped dualised varied series so the solution can be adjusted directly, especially on a material-technical level which offers the most resistance with respect to changing combinations that each problem-solving activity involves.

On all this must be explicitly anticipated by the applicable "model" that allows solutions not only based on the known but also the unknown. This completes the extreme analyzing time-consuming and solution-retardant attention to the problem, it can directly develop a solution that is adaptable afterwards. This overcomes any doubt, allows immediately to act, by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and achieves a higher form of general security.

The problem with the current state of science and technology is the lack of impact posed by each of these scientific fields. Thus a lack of productivity and profitability. The solution is to create synergies between the different disciplines at the level of the applications, or the solutions they produce. If all disciplines expand their problem-solving methods and systems with the "stepped varying dualising’ of the characteristics of the solutions and if that series become parallel stepped, it then helps each discipline-bound solution in solving problems by other disciplines, strengthen their impact through synergies and increases its feasibility through the creation of more identical solutions, especially as it relates to artificial material solutions which can be produced in larger quantities. This requires development of universal, global and general applicable systems so each of those disciplines can be applied on a integrating manner.

Science and particularly ‘applied science’ owes its efficiency to reduce and specialize. It follows, however, the risk of generalized disintegration of the results (of the manmade or artificial in general). It results in excessive consumption of energy and raw materials which are combined in a wide variety of artifacts which for the most part are waiting to be used. This is not sustainable and therefore, a ‘as complete as possible solution-package’ will be needed. This presupposes an extension of the current solution-package that is quasi only further evolving in specialising high-tech direction. Supplementation with more general methods that include high-tech and low-tech integration are increasingly necessary. This can be through application of the series-principle that stepped varies and dualises such series as ‘high and low’, ‘industrial and manual’.


 Global and general applicable artificial material system - fractal model 

 Specific scientific disciplines have models. The atomic model that is universal and general explanatory and usable as such can literally be transformed into an artificial material layered model. These models in nature are not dualised. Man has no hold on.

Material culture which is now being produced by mankind has an ever increasing impact. There is increasing uncertainty whether we are properly engaged on long term and on a larger scale. Hence the need for a global and general applicable stepped dualising 'model' that allows to expand 'reducing -  specialize' with 'globalizing - generalize’, to evolve in all directions and always to be able to adjust that direction according to need. Availability of such a model would have made possible to avoid the current pressing global problems.