This is a message to the global revolution


We would like to suggest some general guidelines in philosophy and actions of the revolutionary movement as a whole.

We do not intend to conform or restrict the revolution  in any given way since unconventional thinking is the foothold  of any true revolutionary movement.

We do however intend to find some constructive form of co-operation and want to find common ground on which all the sub groups in the whole grass-roots revolutionary movement can agree upon and take action in a coordinated way all around the world.

We believe it is time to discuss some key issues the revolution should persistently address throughout the whole world to unify our individual strength.

We see lot's of people, organizations, unions, etc. joining in on the global revolution but we feel it is key to our success to specify some basic goals we are all trying to achieve.

We also believe that good communication is vital and should be build between the different organizations all over the world.

These are the guidelines we are suggesting as mutual ground:

  1.         The individual bank, corporations, etc. are all part of a larger system,
             it is not the individual entity that causes the problems:

             We should therefore focus us on the system supporting our economical,
             social and political oppression and not on the individual companies,
             banks, etc. since others will always pop up as long as the system still
             exists, we must demand the complete abolition of it!

  2.         This movement surpasses the left and right paradigm portrayed by politics,
             this is a revolutionary movement of people who are asking political change
             which is not granted by their governments and must therefore surpass the
             same system it tries to change. Divide and conquer has countered enough
             true revolutionary movements in the past, so let us try and unite, and together
             free ourselves from the oppressive forces in our world!
  3.          The revolutionary movement should realize that our governmental systems
             will NEVER contribute to our cause and must realize that we, as an individual,
             organization, group, union, etc. must take action ourselves and DEMAND the
             change we want!
  4.          We should consider how we are portrayed in the media and try to  get the
             attention of the corporate media the best way possible and force them to
             report on the outcry allover the world for change! We should therefore think
             well about how, where and when we take action.
  5.          Every conscientious being on this planet has the right to food, clothes and
             shelter and are to be treated as equals.
  6.          Communication and proper co-operations is FUNDAMENTAL to success,
             trying to set up a network of communications between the individual
             groups and organizations should be a top priority.
  7.          Economic freedom is a PRIMARY target in achieving total freedom,
             therefore abolition of our current economical system should be a PRIMARY
             focus of the revolutionary movement.
  8.          We should also as a movement actively educate others about the problems
             at hand since this is the only way any individual can take a step towards
             establishing freedom in their own life. Knowledge IS the key to FREEDOM.
  9.          Be aware that the revolutionary movement can and will be infiltrated;
             providing the individual, organization, group, union, etc. with the right
             information to counter this and not be deceived by dis-information is
             more powerful then ANY INFILTRATION will ever get!
             So EDUCATE YOURSELF and the people around you!
  10.          Empathy is the key to our success so don't stand idly for a minute if
             your fellow "earthling" suffers, only through granting another what we
             ourselves take so willingly for granted this world truly become equal
             Distancing ourselves from another's suffering eventually leads to more
             and evidently doesn't get us anywhere, so the key is:




ENOURANOIS (not verified)

Of course the German comrades of Sauberer Himmel have initiated something that is closer to the consciousness of the general public, which does not know the ETC group, but knows Greenpeace. And Greenpeace are undoubtedly worse than the ETC group.

ENOURANOIS (not verified)

Occupy Wall Street may well be funded by the Tides Foundation and Hands off Mother Earth by the Ford Foundation, but to establish that is not enough in itself to make possible an effective political campaign within the structures created by these corporate-funded entities. On the other hand when non-corporate-funded entities try to start initiatives themselves they almost always remain marginal. That is the reality we have to work with, as far as I can see. Perhaps our United Popular Front in Greece will prove an exception to the rule.

Having said that, any comments on this proposed statement to the ETC group???

Statement to the ETC group and “Hands off Mother Earth”

"As activists against chemical aerial spraying for geoengineering, climate modification, "military" and other undeclared purposes (often by unmarked planes) we would like to remind you of the Open Letter some of us sent to you last year

We reiterate our support for your campaign against geoengineering, naturally including support for your opposition to the Spice (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) project, as expresssed in your letter of September 26, 2011, addressed to Chris Huhne, British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

But we also, in the spirit of the Open Letter that some of us addressed to you, point out that we would like to receive from you an explanation of why you aid and abet the fiction that "Solar Radiation Management" is still in a preparatory, pre-implementation phase rather than being a well-entrenched and long-established global reality. Activity identical to what Solar Radiation Management would look like has been visible all over the planet for years.

Our view is that both science and politics should operate on the basis of reality, not on the basis of fictions (i.e. lies). We are prepared to listen to your justifications, and even – if this seems appropriate - keep our related discussion with you "off the record" for the purpose of enabling you to maintain your present public profile. But we do not consent to continuing to maintain privately with you what we believe to be a degrading and politically demobilizing misrepresentation."

Coalition of activist groups against unacknowledged chemical aerial spraying