Wake up call for Europeans: 22 June Shuman PLace: Assemblee Populaire!!

Brussels - The European Summit willl take place on  22 and 23 June. Decisions about the Europact and the Austerity plans will be at stake.

Outside the building citizens will  gather and start their own decision making process and referendums!

Nobody expected the european rEvolution. People start to Unite all over Europe.


While some see Europe as a way to "tame the markets" and are in favor of "more Europe" or a social Europe .. we, we say that Europe has always served the interests of financial markets and it will never do anything else. The people have the right to know that discussions that are under way in Belgium are "trifling" compared to the financial covenants that all our elected officials have taken in our name and with our money!

We can not accept the sovereignty of the people be set aside to bail out banks. For us, it is clear that while full discussions on the powers and funding to be allocated to different regions of Belgium are still under way,   financial commitments to the banks distributes massive federal public finances, regional, communal, for other purposes. The single European voice tells us that banks are saved and that the crisis is under control . But the debt crisis of European countries show that the old train train was reinstalled and that the exorbitant bonuses   are still being paid and hughe benefits are made by banks.

The European Councils president wants us to believe that the euro and the EU would collapse if citizens did not ensure the payment of debt. ut the dets can never be paid back so big they are.  According to Angela Merkel we must restructure debts and let pay creditors. We fear being a victim of a carousel that is used to fill the bottomless pits of banks that are speculating on these debts. Solidarity imposed on us is solidarity with the banks and not between Europeans. The people's control over the finances of the state is at the heart of democracy. And if our elected officials do not defend the sovereignty of parliaments and laws: it is for citizens to do so.  We call for a Popular Assemblee on 22 june 2011 in front of the EU commission at 18 hrs on  the Shuman square. PLease  join us! OUr future is at stake! Lets take the European Square Shuman!

In the deadend Street of law .. ...

the shadow of Berlaymont is becoming clearer ..

Only nine months after the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, the European Council, chaired by Herman Van Rompuy decided in December 2010 of a reform of the Lisbon treaty, however, "unchangeable". Today: Steps in flagrant contradiction with all EU treaties (art. 123 and 125) are currently being applied:

1) Technicians from IMF and EU are working in Athens and Dublin to impose draconian measures on the population, they are linked to the financial support of the private banks.

2) On  22 and 23 June  the EU summit in Brussels will take place.On its agenda: the control of national budgets, measures for competitiveness of countries, strengthening the base of the guarantee fund of the euro. While this guarantee fund has already saved the banks in 2008 it has become obvious that it should be installed for ever permanently ... as debts are undeemable;

3) A decision is also pending on a permanent stability fund of the same type to be installed by 2013.

This reform of the EU Treaty opens a possibility for us, citizens, to demand more democracy and to finally take the floor because we obviously "have our say".

The plan of the dominant European political forces for dealing with the debt crisis is focused on safeguarding the profits of the banks and the dominance of the financial markets. At the same time, these forces aim at overcoming the existing crisis on the expense of the working people. The EU leadership plans to put all European people under a permanent state of austerity, based on successive memorandums and constitutionalized neoliberalism.


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Het echte verhaal van de criminele rooftocht van politici en bankiers op de Ierse bevolking (dat niet op TV komt):