Iraq’s “National Day of Rage” 25 febr 2011

Blast prompts Iraq refinery closure

The Iraqi People are demonstrating against corruption, absolute and abysmal poverty, unemployment, total lack of services, and occupation, and very importantly corruption - administrative and fiscal corruption ; they are also demonstrating demanding freedom and human dignity and the immediate expulsion of the Occupation.   They are demonstrating for Iraq and have come together as Iraqis.

Near total media blackout on Iraqi protests

Spread the news. Let the world know what is happening in Iraq.

Yesterday's events started off with an amusing speech by Maliki asking people not to demonstrate on Friday!  He described the demonstrators as "the enemies of freedom"!  Any other day but Friday and he looked really frightened.

They have banned the press and closed streets in Baghdad.

It has been leaked that the General from Heet, General Nassir Alghanim, who has terrorised the people of Mosul has run away with 450 soldiers - we do not know their ranks.  This news will be confirmed later.

In the meantime

Colonel Hameed Kadhim in the Minsitry of  Interior - Director of Training of Police has resigned because he has refused to obey orders to beatup the demonstrators.   In the meantime 6 anti riot units have sbeen stationed throughout Abu Nawwas and Tahrir Square and have been ordered to beat up the demonstrators.  Also, the Meesan anti riot batallion which is made up of the Da'awa Party Militia has been brought in to Tahrir Square.

The authorities are going round house to house making people sign undertakings that they will not go out and demonstrate - regrettably some members of parliament in the Iraqiya block have also done this in the Anbar province as well as in A'adhamiya!   ID Cards are being confiscated so that these young people are stopped at check points and barred from joining the demonstrations.

The Muthanna regiment has surrounded Abu Ghraib and raided houses as well as taken ID Cards from demonstration leaders in that area. It has also imposed a curfew there.

All vehichles have been banned from coming into central Baghdad as well as all TV vans which relay live!  Firdaws Square has been closed up for reasons of repairs!

Muntathar Al - Zaidy has been arrested in A'adhamiya.

The Baghdadiya reporter, Meenas, was arrested by police dressed in civillian clothes in Tahrir Square - he was in the Square without his cameraman - among the demonstrators.

Government officials were caught in Baghdad airport before catching a plane with USD1.2 million and the money impounded.

A journalist friend of mine in Baghdad tells me that there is a chilling atmosphere in Baghdad and I quote:"The mood here is chilling. There is an obvious intimidation tactic applied here. I saw riot police practicing today. maliki's speeches, sadr and sistani's statements. It's insane."

It is also reported that a great number of senior officials, ministers and members of parliament have left the country.

The Chairman of Baghdad Provincial Council has issued a ban on all slogans that state that the government and/or the Provincial Council Chairman and Members of Baghdad should go!   As for the Basra Chairman of the Provincial Council, Shiltagh, he actually stated publicly at The Prophet's Birthday celebrations, to an audience of senior tribal leaders as well as religious persons, that Tunisian prostitutes are more honourable than the demosntrators whence a fight broke out - this was recorded by all the media including satellite stations!"


Pray for Iraq!



Information Collected by Dirk Adriaensens , 25 February 2011