Challenge to the peace movement

A number of people, particularly in the Left ," climate justice"and the  peacemovement, maintain that it does not really matter who committed the atrocities of September 11, 2001 - reactionary Muslim fanatics, the US imperialists, or whoever. According to this view, insisting on identifying the culprits does not advance the interests of the working class or of oppressed people around the world but constitutes a bourgeois diversion. It seems also too difficult to figure out what happened according to many. "We will never know it is losing your time to try to find out" . What matters, say some, are the consequences of 9/11, such as the wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq, the establishment of secret prisons.

 How to reject wars, once you accept that Muslim terrorists did it? It is difficult to oppose punishing them for the event. [Anti-war activists] do not understand that if you grant the government its premise for war, it is impossible to oppose the war.”

In fact it is very easy to see how the official narrative is wrong.The Official  story is very weak and easy to unrafel.

“Challenging Power With Truth.”

1. The first reason why 9/11 matters is rather mundane and might seem trivial to some people. The reason is that the victims of a crime - and this includes relatives of the dead - are entitled to know the truth.

2. The second reason is simply that the perpetrators of any crime should be identified, prosecuted and punished. Law-enforcement serves both to protect society from harm, deter further crime through punishment and attempt to rehabilitate the offender. This is one of the obligation states bear towards its citizens.

3. The third reason is related to our individual and collective security. No person has been prosecuted for planning, organizing and/or participating in the crime of 9/11, because none has been actually identified and linked to the crime. This may come as a surprise to some readers. Yet, there is no verifiable evidence that the 19 individuals named by the FBI as the 9/11 hijackers, actually boarded the aircraft which crashed on that day: Their names do not appear on passenger lists; no person has testified to have seen them board the aircraft; and their bodily remains have not been identified. As far as we know, the claim that Muslim fanatics hijacked four aircraft on 9/11 remains an unsubstantiated allegation, not a fact. Evidence lacks.

4. The fourth reason is that the events of 9/11 have allowed the United States and NATO to legitimate wars of aggression and military occupation of sovereign states.  On October 2, 2001, the NATO Council was presented by the US emissary with "evidence" of links between Osama bin Laden and the events of 9/11. On that base the Council, representing all NATO states, invoked for the first time Article 5 of the Atlantic Charter, by which NATO equated the "attack on the United States" as an attack on all NATO members. By virtue of the concept of collective security, NATO fully endorsed US aggression against Afghanistan. The United Nations Security Council was bamboozled as early as September 12, 2001 to designate the events of the previous day as "international" terrorism. Yet the Council was not provided with even a shred of evidence that the mass murder had emanated from outside the United States.

5. The fifth reason is that the events of 9/11 were followed by the most successful propaganda operation in contemporary history. Practically entire nations, including nations' intellectual elites and political classes, were made to believe that the mass murder of 9/11 had been masterminded by Osama bin Laden and carried out by 19 fanatic Muslims. Many   persons  are sincerely terrified by the notion of al Qaeda and Bin Laden as malevolent forces. An analysis of this mass propaganda easily reveals the techniques used to establish this myth. Among these techniques were stories disseminated by the FBI, such as that a Qur'an and a flight instruction manual were found in a car left by the hijackers at the airport in Boston; that a will in Arabic was found in a suitcase which "did not make it to the flight"; that an intact passport of one of the "hijackers" was found in the ruins of the World Trade Center minutes after the crash of the aircraft, and other such stories impressing upon ordinary citizens that the perpetrators were fanatic Muslims.We have seen in the past to what this can lead.

6. The sixth reason is that the official account on 9/11 has been one of the main justifications for restrictions to human rights and for increased police powers, verging on police-state methods. Some people claim that to oppose these measures it is unnecessary to find out who actually committed the mass murder of 9/11. If one accepts the official discourse on 9/11 and the ideology on the rise of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, one must accept at least some justifications for these measures.

7. The seventh reason is that the events of 9/11 have helped governments to increase the level of secrecy and thus reduce government accountability. Such development is not new but reduces still further the existing rests of democracy. By demanding the full truth on the events of 9/11, the failure of democracy can be made more apparent.

“How explain the resistance to 9/11Truth in the peace movement?”

Paul Zarembka, Professor of Economics at the University of Buffalo and editor of The Hidden History of 9/11, offered four reasons. His first: “agents and gatekeepers among us.” Sander Hicks, author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistleblowers, and the Cover-Up, offered seven reasons. His first: “The state, COINTELPRO.”

Unilateral Solidarity.

1) There is a split but it has not been initiated, nor is it maintained, by members of the 9/11Truth movement. Truthers stand just as proudly and tall in their opposition to war as anyone in the peace movement. Truthers also are just as fully dedicated to the goals of justice, equality and environmentalism as are anti-war activists.

2) The split is unilateral from the anti-war movement’s side, especially from leaders and organizers. Those at the grassroots level trust and take their cues from the leaders. The result is a widespread attitude toward 9/11Truth that ranges from scepticism to outright hostility. This is why I choose the heading “The Peace Movement versus the 9/11Truth Movement.”

3) A leading cause of the unilateral split is the work of planted agents of the state – spooks -- whose instructions are to do this splitting. The Chinese call such agents “splittists.” The peace movement has been around for decades, so there’s been loads of time for the national security state to install numerous agents within it. Added to their usual instructions to slyly foment divisiveness within peace groups and derail effective anti-war actions are new orders to combat the dynamic truth movement.

 What the peace movement forgets is that the 9/11 truthers are a sprankling movement. We need to challenge the war criminals, the torturers, the looting of the world. We need to inspire, create and strengthen local efforts to meet human needs and fend off the looming privatization of the commons by the corporate financial vultures who feed off death industry and the controlled demolition of the economy. We need  to  rule out tiranny by democracy !


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