Cannabis Medicine

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Marijuana, Cannabis, Wiet, alles wat je wilde weten over medicinaal gebruik.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, everything you wanted to know about medical use.

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Cannabis Medicine is created to provide YOU with all information about Medicinal Cannabis, so you can SHARE this page & it's content! Help the Patiënts !
This page is for now a one-man thing, I am a medicinal Cannabis Patiënt, after suffering a stroke a few years back.

I live in a country where Cannabis is still illegal & I have decided to put all my energy into helping patiënts receive the right information about Medicinal Cannabis so they can heal themselves..

I am in preparation of opening a Medicinal Cannabis Social Club in Belgium, right now by networking and reaching out to many people who are likeminded to help heal patiënts who are otherwise left over to nasty pharmaceutical drugs..

I like to connect to other people who are working to help patiënts with Cannabis Medicine !

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message ! !

If there's content in my channel that you have the copyright to, just ask me to remove the content & I will. I am only sharing information for educational purposes, with the intent of healing patiënts..

Be the change you want to see in this world (M. Gandhi)