How can the harmony / disharmony between nature and material culture be approached?

Nature is extremely systematic and always reacts immediately and everywhere in the same way. The material culture is not systematized and, as such, cannot respond adequately when errors (disturbance of nature) are detected.

Only a systematic material culture can interact with the systematized nature in an efficient and harmonious way.

Nature also forms a unity that is evolving from a minimum number of basic elements and basic forces for production and combination of those basic elements in endless natural variety characterized by 27 natural constants.

Thus, for example, oxygen and carbon react in the same way to the climate problems caused by the production and use of our artifacts. As a result, certain raw materials are also exhausted because they always exhibit the same characteristics that are useful to us for the production and use of the same artifacts.

The global material culture must therefore also form a unit that is produced and evolves from a minimum number of basic elements and processing, producing, adapting and combining forces or machines, to transform those basic components into artificial variety that is standardized as a whole and in its components , so first and foremost is characterized by constant sizes and shapes. This can be done by means of a minimal global and general applicable materializing fractal system and / or model. The ability to solve problems that we cause ourselves will dramatically increase.

As nature responds directly and massively in the same way to, for example, carbon increases, we must and will be able to respond immediately and massively in the same, sufficiently problem-solving manner to reduce the amount of carbon produced. This can only be true if all the artifacts and their constituent parts are standardized by means of a global and widely used form and size fractal model, so that everywhere they can directly  transform,  in there whole or partly, into variables of the problem-causing artifacts and / or new artifacts to fulfill the same functions.

Nature also reacts directly and massively to any massive artificial impact in general. The material culture that is derived from nature must and can act as direct and massive as possible in the above-mentioned way of causing that impact if it wants to function in perfect symbiosis or harmony with nature.

Prior to any problem and an attempt to solve it, it must and may be anticipated by internal integration of the global problem-causing material culture in general, for optimal problem-solving impact and optimal external integration into the perfectly internally integrated nature.

After all, the discovery of systems that create the natural internally integrated variation, accelerates development for about 200 years. The planning and application of a system that produces artificial internally integrated variety can further enhance that development and perhaps accelerate further.

The knowledge is available to enable a transition, through the introduction of a global and general applicable material system, to a material culture that requires only an insignificant small fraction of production energy and raw materials.

Inadequate solving of these problems is meanwhile used as an efficient and lethal political weapon to determine (definitively and globally) the destiny and future of the world population in a process that has been running for decades (Agenda 21).

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