We Are Change Mumble

German: http://wearechangeaustria.yooco.de/p.mumble.html

We Are Change group based VOIP meeting software MUMBLE Installation howto video.

These are the instructions for connecting to the We Are Change Mumble server.
Mumble is an application just like Skype but it is suitable for large numbers of people and groups.

The We Are Change server is running Murmur version 1.2.3, so to connect you need at least version 1.2.3 of the Mumble client.
(People who already have Mumble need to upgrade there version to 1.2.3 or higher, you can upgrade your copy of Mumble with the normal installer, it includes an updater.)

You can download Mumble from the following location:


Download and install Mumble with all the defaul settings, you do not have to change anything during installation, the defaults are ok.
When you are done installing, you can start Mumble and setup your sound settings, just follow the directions given to you by the audio wizard.
When you are done with the audio wizard you have to create a certificate, apply your name and possibly a working email address (the email address is not required for Mumble to work).
Name the certificate, for example: mumble-certificate and then press 'Save' or 'Export' (depending on your language/version).

After this, go into the menu > 'Server' > 'Connect'

Here you see the 'Add New' button, press it, a window should pop up where you can enter the following:

Servername: We Are Change
Address: mumble.wearechange.be
Port: default (64738)
Username: your name
Password: Do not enter a password.
Press 'Ok' to save the settings.

Now you can see the We Are Change server in the list of favorites, double click on the We Are Change server and connect.
(You might need to accept the security certificate, if it asks you what it should do with the certificate, just press 'Yes' to accept it and continue connecting.) Ones on the server we can help you config ure other settings and test everything.

If you are having trouble setting up Mumble, don't hesitate to send an email to THCkeatmsn [dot] com or webmasteratwacholland [dot] org