Fukushima - one year after

Vigil for the victims of Fukushima, all around the world, every 11th of every Month since April 11th 2011.

We are all connected. Radioactivity affects all living bodies, all equals facing its invisible destruction. What happens in Japan affects all of us and what we produce here affects the rest of the world. By becoming aware of our unity in the face of this challenge, we become aware of the strength and value within us collectively as humanity.

As human being, we are as different as snowflakes and as... similar as water drops (when you warm up the snowflakes). Separated we evaporate and vanish. United we are the Ocean!

Let's gather together to honour the memory of the victims of Fukushima.
We can turn this tragedy into a force that will unite all of us.

Organise a vigil wherever you are with one or more friends and some candle and send us the pictures or the movie.

Let's manifest our humanity since there's a natural mystic blowing through the air...

Fukushima's victim Living Memorial
Every 11th of the month since April 11th, we gather a vigil on a public place to manifest our solidarity with the victims of Fukushima: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175561039207663/

Manifest your concern with what is happening there.
Check in the group where and what time!
If you can't come, create the same vigil wherever you are with your friends!

Post it to the Fukushima Vigil group or page, picture like this: http://bit.ly/rJ8YLc

Fukushima could be us!




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